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By: Anna Kernbaum

Pixellent Design, Chief Creative


Posted: April, 2020

Have you had an idea for a new product for a while? Have you been putting off starting that side business because your full time job kept you too busy?

Unless you are an essential business owner, work at one, or a front line hero in the medical field, this pandemic got a lot of us locked inside our homes with very little to do and a bunch of extra time on our hands.



















This extra time offers a great opportunity for a lot of entrepreneurs! You may find yourself finally have the time to start that new side business you’ve been thinking about for a while, or finish the website you started to work on months ago to finally start selling your newly developed products...






















Whatever this may be for you, in the process you might realize you need a logo – or an update on an old logo -, a website, some packaging design, or even full brand development to get you started.


We all work remotely and can work with our clients virtually using a variety of video conferencing options and can help with any of your design needs the safest way possible.










We are here to help remotely. Contact us now for a free quote!


Anna Kernbaum is the founder/owner and chief creative of Pixellent Design. You can contact Anna directly at, or by calling (310) 896-5071

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